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The following schedule and sample itinerary are examples of what you can expect on your pilgrimage to Borderlands.  The final schedule and itinerary will be customized to what your group designs together.

Sample Daily Schedule

7:30 Breakfast and prepare lunch for travel

8:30 Morning Prayers and Community Gathering

9:00 Pilgrim Journey

12 noon day prayers and lunch

1:30 Pilgrim Journey

4:00 Free Time or Focused Activity

6:00 Dinner

7:30 Community Reflections/Seminar

9:00 Compline

11:00 Lights Out

Sample Itinerary for a 10 day Pilgrimage

Day 1 – Arrival and Settling In after a long day of travel;
getting to know one another and the ranch; altitude adjustment

Day 2 – Prayer Walk up Flag Mountain (1 mile); picnic lunch
Video Presentation: In The Light of Reverence, Walk the Labyrinth

Day 3 – Planning the week – further orientation
Video Presentation: Paha Sapa: The Struggle for the Black Hills part I
Ranch Hike/Tour
Paha Sapa: part II

Day 4 – Visit Wind Cave – Lakota Origin Story
Drive Custer Park/Wind Cave Park
Take Iron Mountain Road to Mt. Rushmore

Day 5 – Sylvan Lake/Custer Park
Harney Peak Prayer Walk

Day 6 – Badlands Overlook; Oglala Lakota College; Wounded Knee
Pine Ridge Village; Red Cloud School

Day 7 Sunday Eucharist on Flag Mt.
Horseback Riding
Time for rest and reflection; swim at Deerfield Lake
Crazy Horse Monument for Lighting Ceremony

Day 8 Prayer Walk up Bear Butte
Drive back thru Spearfish Canyon
Sweat lodge ceremony and feast

Day 9 Final labyrinth walk and reflections; Closing Eucharist; evaluations
Free time for projects (stones, prayer ties, drawings) and journaling; packing

Day 10 – Departure and travel home

This design is only a sample and often everything cannot be included. Each pilgrimage will be tailored to the particular time and events based on group decision-making. Weather is also a determining factor. An additional day trip is to Mato Tipila or Devil’s Tower, a three-hour trip into Wyoming.

Click here for a list of associated fees for national parks, monuments, and other attractions.



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